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Introducing our new DC electricity meter

inepro Metering is proud to introduce its new DC electricity meter. The Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod sets itself apart from traditional AC meters by accurately measuring direct current (DC).

The Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod: Our new DC electrity meter

inepro Metering is proud to introduce its new DC electricity meter, the Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod. Unlike traditional AC meters, the Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod accurately measures direct current (DC). It is suitable for data centres, telecommunications, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, and other applications. With MID certification, this new electricity meter guarantees precision, stability and safety in energy consumption.

Responding to today's energy needs

The Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod anticipates the shift toward renewable energy and DC applications, such as electric vehicles and solar power systems. Solar panels generate DC power, which can be used to charge electric vehicles directly, increasing efficiency and lowering costs by avoiding AC conversion. The Ambition4PU-DC-Mod provides accurate measurement of DC generated, stored, or consumed, which is essential for effective energy management.

One of the first MID-certified DC electricity meters

The Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod stands out as one of the first MID-certified DC meters, confirming its reliability and accuracy. This certification ensures compliance with strict European standards, allowing the electricity meter to be used for official billing purposes.

Affordable and accessible

Although advanced DC meters can be expensive, inepro Metering offers high-quality solutions at competitive prices. By lowering the barriers of high initial investment, we aim to allow more companies to benefit from accurate energy measurement, efficiency, and long-term sustainability.

Key features and benefits
  • DC metering: Specifically designed for DC environments.
  • Wide voltage range: Processes up to 1000 volts, suitable for various applications.
  • Integrated shunt and meter: Simplifies the certification process and saves time and costs.
  • Built-in power supply: 230 Volt power supply for easier installation.
  • Accurate billing: Meets MID standards for precise billing.
  • Easy installation: Tool-free installation with WAGO Push-in CAGE CLAMPS® and mounting on DIN rail.

inepro Metering is committed to offering advanced solutions to the changing energy landscape. The Ambition 4PU-DC-Mod demonstrates this commitment and supports the shift to renewable energy.

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