OEM/ODM options with our iSmart Meter Platform

Welcome to the future of OEM/ODM meter development with inepro Metering's latest innovation: the iSmart meter platform! Our state-of-the-art OEM/ODM metering solution is designed to empower you with unparalleled customisation possibilities. Imagine creating a meter that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. Whether you require advanced communication capabilities, specialised hardware or software, or seamless integration with existing systems, our modular architecture ensures that your needs are met and exceeded.

ODM metering solution with the iSmart Meter platform
inepro Metering as your OEM

At inepro Metering, we provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for electricity metering. Our OEM services cover the design, manufacture, and supply of customised meters or components branded under your company’s name. We handle everything from product development and manufacturing to quality assurance and supply chain management, ensuring top-notch, compliant products that meet your specific needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our ODM electricity metering solutions

Our ODM services offer complete, market-ready metering solutions. We manage the entire process, from concept development and design to manufacturing and quality control. We enable you to expand your product range quickly with minimal investment in design and development. We ensure all products comply with industry standards and offer customisation to reflect your brand. With inepro Metering, you can swiftly bring innovative, high-quality metering solutions to the market while concentrating on what you do best.

A selection of our OEM/ODM options
Your ODM/OEM options with the iSmart meter platform

Discover the iSmart meter platform, our latest project designed as the ultimate "all-in-one" solution for meter development. At inepro Metering, we offer limitless customisation with modular components that allow you to create your meter precisely to your unique requirements. Whether you need advanced communication capabilities, specialised hardware or software, or seamless integration with existing systems, the iSmart platform delivers. If you require something beyond our offerings, we create it.

Benefits of our iSmart meter platform
  • Tailor every aspect of your meter to your unique requirements to fit your needs perfectly.
  • Utilise our modular components to build and customise your meter effortlessly per your requirements.
  • Integrate state-of-the-art communication technologies for enhanced data transmission and connectivity.
  • Access custom hardware and software solutions designed to meet specific performance criteria.
  • Ensure effortless integration with your existing systems, improving operational efficiency.
  • Count on our advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials to deliver durable and reliable products.
  • Benefit from rigorous testing and quality control processes that ensure top performance and safety.
  • Enjoy streamlined logistics, from sourcing raw materials to delivering the finished product.
  • Trust that all products comply with relevant industry standards and regulations, facilitating market access.
  • Speed up your product development process with our expert design and manufacturing capabilities, getting your products to market faster.

Ready to revolutionise your electricity meter development? Contact us today to discover how the iSmart meter platform can be tailored to meet your unique needs.  Get in touch now and take the first step towards innovative, high-quality metering solutions!

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